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3 Best Advantages of Hiring In-State Roofers

advantages of in-state roofer  
A Hurricane Hits Our State and Within Days The Out Of Towners Arrive…
Does this sound like a familiar scene to you? Houses and commercial properties everywhere, seemingly decimated, attract out of state roofing companies from all over the country to “take advantage” of this “money making opportunity”. We here at Worthmann don’t like this any more than you do. Read on to discover the top 3 advantages of hiring a Florida Native roofing company and be sure to call us for a free estimate if you need work done or something looked at.
Advantage # 1: Roofing Legislation Complexities
The 25% rule, Florida Matching Law, building code changes, permit requirements, ect. Roofing isn’t always as simple as taking something that’s damaged off and sticking something secure back on. Often times, out of state contractors aren’t aware of the specific requirements to operate as licensed roofers in the state of Florida and this can lead to longer wait times at every step of the process. Worthmann Roofing is family owned and operated by Florida natives who stay up to date on all of this.
Advantage # 2: Awareness of Florida Specific Roofing Materials
Synthetic underlayment, heat resistant tarps, and corrugated metals are all things that Florida based roofing companies like Worthmann are aware of. It’s no surprise that Florida is a wet, hot, and hurricane prone state. You need roofers that understand the implications of this when it comes to repairing and replacing the most important aspect of your home.
Advantage # 3: Nearby Follow Up and Quick Repairs
What happens if have follow up questions after a repair or want an inspection by a trusted company after each major storm that comes through? Wouldn’t you want to call a company that could squeeze you in within the week rather than putting you on a waiting list for months? Florida homeowners deserve to deal with Florida roofing companies and the ease associated with working with a neighbor, rather than a removed institution.
    advantages of in-state roofers
You don’t have to take our word for it- you can check out our reviews here:
If you or anyone you know is interested in seeing these advantages of hiring an in-state roofer play out- either because you need a roof repair or just want a Worthmann Roofing free estimate, please give us a call today and we’d be happy to help. 

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