Orlando Composite Roofing

When you consider the outside of a home, the exterior space is very important. The first layer is the siding which protects against any elements from nature. You could compare the windows as being someone’s mouth and the doors being someone’s eyes. The mouth is the only way we let ideas exit our brain and our eyes take information in so we can think of more ideas. However we still have not discussed what is the most important which also gets the lowest amount of attention.: the roofs. To continue with the body comparison, this is where our scalp happens to be. Roofs take a lot of damage (like the sun, rain, and losing heat) unless the roof is enclosed. When it comes to protecting the roof, a smart way to spend money would be what some people claim to be ideal which is: Composite Roofing.

What is a Composite Roof?

The things that go into making a Composite Roof are diverse. Usually as implied by the name, a shingle is created of different materials that are compacted and mixed collectively. To give an example, it can be a mixture of fiberglass, recycled paper, polyester or other materials to name a few. That’s not counting what is used to hold these materials together. This has been given the name “asphalt singles” on occasion because the asphalt protects against water and UV rays.

What Does It Look Like?

These roofs look like the top of any house you would see. The shingles have a rectangular shape and every rectangle has three indents. The indents connect and sometimes cover one another making for simple, affordable installment. Once the shingles are staying attached to each other, they look like single shake shingles. These can appear to the naked eye of being different materials that have been used for years. A couple materials these shingles can reproduce the look of is wood and slate. In addition to looking like that, they can also appear in distinct colors and shapes. This allows many different styles to be available to the customer.

Is Composite Roofing Better?

Absolutely. These are better then using common materials for multiple reasons. They don’t have the same credibility of other materials but they are formed through a chemical process, they stay sturdy over time. You want something to be sturdy if it’s a part of your house. Nearly all manufacturers offer guarantees on these roofs that range between 30-50 years. There are some that will guarantee these roofs for life. Composite Roofing is proven to stand up to hurricanes and can bear wind at 100 miles per hour. In the case of a fire, they can last during that and possibly prevent the fire from growing. These don’t expel as much heat as materials like wood so it’s possible that your heating costs would be reduced drastically. However your cooling costs could be more without proper circulation or covering but that doesn’t mean you have no way to stop heat from building up in your home. Some will even stand up to snow and salt air if you need that because of the area you reside.

What Kind Of Maintenance Is Required?

Almost none. The biggest problem is the accumulation of organisms that live in water and contain chlorophyll. If you’re in a area that has a lot of moisture then it’s likely moss will form on or around the shingles. Moss just needs water in the air, running water and some darkness which is why it’s likely that moss can grow on top of your house. Over time, the moss can break down shingles, interrupt the flow of water and cause more problems. If you try to fix this problem yourself, it could wear down the roof even more. You will need the help of a contractor who can kill the algae with a certain chemical. To stop this from occurring, make sure you remove dead limbs and leaves and make sure trees aren’t giving too much shade allowing moss to grow.

What about Repair or Replacement?

As stated earlier, some people will warranty these roofs for life but it’s still a good idea to have the roof examined on occasion. Things to look for could include noticing a shingle is more smooth then it used to be. You might need part of the roof replaced but as long as your roof is flat, a new shingle can be laid over the problematic area as long as installation was done correctly. If installation was done correctly and maintenance is kept, up, future problems with your roof should be minimal.

If you have any other questions, call Worthmann Roofing Orlando and we would be happy to explain this in greater detail if you would like.

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