Having a good roof on your home is essential to the comfort and safety of your family. A leaking roof can be more than a mere annoyance. It allows moisture to build up in the ceiling that can cause mold and rot to develop. Leaks should be repaired as soon as possible. At some point, though, it’s going to be better to replace the roof entirely. In this post, we’ll let you know what signs indicate that your roof may be due for replacement.

Your Roof is Turning 20 Soon

If you put asphalt shingles on your roof, they should last at least 20 years. They may even make it to 30 years, depending on the quality of the shingles. Start budgeting to replace your roof every twenty years or so. You may not need to, but it’s wise to be prepared anyway.

Curling Shingles

In this case, it could be either the middle of the shingle or the edges lifting. Neither is a good sign, and it means you’ll need to replace the roof in the next few years. The worse that the curling is, the less time you have.

Shingles Have Gone AWOL

A missing shingle of two is not necessarily a huge deal – you can simply replace the missing ones. The problem is that the new ones are going to stand out quite a lot. If you’re okay with a roof resembling a patchwork quilt, this is not an issue.

If you want to maintain the curb appeal, and a good few shingles are missing, it might be better to replace the roof.

Cracked Shingles

The odd cracked shingle here and there is typical and usually because of wind damage. If, on the other hand, several shingles are cracking in different areas, it’s a sign that the roof will need to be replaced in the next few years.

You’re Getting a Lot of Granules in Your Gutter

It is perfectly normal for extra granules to come off after a new asphalt roof has been installed. If your roof is already a good few years old, though, this is a problem. The granules are what help to make the shingle waterproof. Once they’re gone, your shingle is wholly exposed to the elements and won’t keep water out.

Moss or Algae is Growing on the Roof

This one is more aesthetic than anything else. If you have clay tiles, you can go up there and wash the algae off. If you have shingles, washing won’t work as it can dislodge the asphalt. In which case, replacement is the only way to remedy the issue.

The Sun is Shining into the Attic Through the Roof

You might get lucky and find that it’s a simple fix, but you’ll want to call a pro in as soon as possible. Visible light leakage is a sign that the roof is starting to lose its integrity.

Your Roof has Started to Sag

In all the other cases, we’ve said that you have some time to plan the replacement. Once your roof starts sagging, however, you can’t waste any time. This means that the roof is beginning to lose structural integrity and it could well come crashing down.

If you’re concerned about the state of your roof, why not give Worthmann Roofing a call. We’ll come in and do a free inspection so that you know exactly what the situation is.

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